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Made in Italy wines

Terremare Pesaro

The Philosophy

Selecting the best products and offering ideas for living sensory experiences of excellence between culture and tradition is the goal of Enoteca Terremare in Pesaro. Inside our shop you can find a wide selection of wines, champagnes, spirits and gourmet products chosen to always guarantee you the highest quality.


why "Terremare"


Terra (soil)

We carefully choose the companies that enhance the territory and the product, guaranteeing maximum quality in the production process and raw materials.

We collaborate exclusively with realities that respect the highest standards of the Italian food and wine scene and beyond.

The TERREMARE seal is a guarantee for the consumer who wants the best on the market.

affinati in mare.jpg

Mare (sea)

The pleasure of tasting exclusive products together with innovation finds its apex in the “refined at sea”. Exclusive wines that complete the aging process in the sea becoming unique and original works.

The process in detail

After the maturation phase in Pyrenean tonneaux, the wine is placed in special bottles previously certified in a hyperbaric chamber to ensure its resistance to sea pressure and sealed with shellac to prevent infiltration and leaks. At this point begins the unique process in the world that will see our bottles inserted in special "pupitre" (cages), immersed in the Adriatic Sea at a depth of about 20 meters, "hung" on the rows of mussel farming which, thanks to the temperature constant, the almost absence of light and the perpetual wave motion will complete the refinement of the wines in an extremely natural way.

The bottles, after months of aging at the bottom of the sea, naturalize on the outside, covering themselves with molluscs and marine organisms and, after having been necessarily decontaminated, create exclusive, natural and inimitable works of art, all different because they are created by the sea.

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